Campus Map
HSUHK Campus Map

Hourly parking charge for visitors during campus opening hours: HK$22/hour.

Bus Stop

Tate’s Cairn Tunnel bus stop

272S, 277X, 286M, 307, 307P, 373, 680, 680A, 680X, N680, 681, 681P, 682, 682P 74X, 75X, 80X, 82P, 82X, 83X, 84M, 85C, 85M, 89C, 89D, 89X

HSUHK (Kwong Sin Street) bus stop

65A, 65K, 808, 808P,

83K, 83S, 86, N182

Routes by car

HSUHK Map for driver


Driving direction



Turn left from?Sha Tin Wai Road?to?Siu Lek Yuen Road, then turn right to?Kwong Sin Street




Driving direction

Turn left from?Tate’s Cairn Highway?to?Sha Tin Wai Road, then turn left to?Ngau Pei Sha Street


Driving direction

Turn right from?Sha Tin Wai Road?to?Ngau Pei Sha Street


Main Entrance & Entrance A

Turn right at?Ngau Pei Sha Street
Hang Shin Link?or to?Entrance A

Entrance B

Turn right at Ngau Pei Sha Street to
Entrance B

Main Entrance

Turn right to?Main Entrance

  • Our Students

    The four-year training I received at the School of Communication has equipped me with adequate financial knowledge which enables me to understand and organise information collected from interviewees more easily, and thus prepare news reports more promptly. While working as an intern at RTHK, I got the chance to take part in front-line interviews. Programmes offered by the School of Communication are very challenging. The diversity in my study and practices had helped broaden my horizons.
    • Mr Jerold Poon
    • BJC Graduate 2016
  • Friend Quotes

    Dr William Yu
    The tremendous efforts of HSUHK to promote sustainability is highly appreciated. It is hoped that conservation concepts could be instilled in the younger generation at an early stage.
    • Dr William Yu
    • Founder and Chief Executive Officer
    • World Green Organisation