Dr Amy WANG (王亞美博士)
PhD (University of Hong Kong)
MEcon (University of Hong Kong)
BComm (University of British Columbia)

BBA-GBM Programme Director
Assistant Professor
Department of Management

Tel : (852) 3963 5628

Dr Amy (Yamei) Wang obtained her PhD in Management and Masters of Economics from the University of Hong Kong. She also holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) from the University of British Columbia. She has taught previously at the University of Hong Kong and the Community College of City University. In addition to teaching, Dr Wang’s research interests include social exclusion, prosocial behaviours, group dynamics and social information processing. Her teaching interests include management related subjects at both the undergraduate and graduate level such as Business Policy and Strategy, International Business, Asian Family Business, China Business and Principles of Management.

Research and Teaching InterestsIntellectual Contributions (Publications, Conferences, Books, Book Chapters, etc.)Research Grants and Awards
TopResearch and Teaching Interests
  • Social exclusion, employee voice, organizational politics, social dynamics in the workplace
TopIntellectual Contributions (Publications, Conferences, Books, Book Chapters, etc.)
  • Liao, Eko. Y., Wang, A. Y., & Zhang, Q. (forthcoming). Who influences an employee’s dark side: A meta-analysis of counterproductive workplace behaviors. Organizational Psychology Review.
TopResearch Grants and Awards
  • Principal Investigator, Ostracism for the Common Good? A Social Information Processing Examination of the Effects of Workplace Ostracism on Third Party Observers. HKD 507,365, RGC. 2020-2022