Dr. HU Hsin Li, Sammy 胡欣立博士
Dr HU Hsin Li, Sammy (胡欣立博士)
PhD (Peking University)
LLM (The University of Hong Kong)
LLM (Chicago-Kent College of Law)
LLB (Shih Hsin University)

Assistant Professor
School of Communication

Tel : (852) 3963 5216

Sammy is a graduate of the Law School of Shih Hsin University and worked at the Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research in Taipei. He completed his LLM in International and Comparative Law at Chicago-Kent College of Law in 2004. He earned another LLM from the University of Hong Kong and his PhD in Economic Law from Peking University afterwards. In 2008, Sammy spent a year as a research fellow at Chicago-Kent doing comparative research related to his PhD thesis in foreign investment and anti-monopoly supervision. Prior to joining the HSMC, Sammy taught at the Chu Hai College of Higher Education.

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TopSelected Publications

..........Conference Papers..........

  • 2016 “2015《國家安全法》出臺後的港臺媒體觀察與法律分析”, 2016傳播與兩岸關係學術論壇, 復旦大學新聞學院(Co-author)
  • 2015 “ 兩岸三地紙媒對房柯涉毒案報道的框架分析與法律解讀”, 2015傳播與兩岸關係學術論壇, 復旦大學新聞學院(Co-author)
  • 2015 ?“從《反分裂國家法》到《國家安全法》的幾點觀察”,?兩岸政經合作的前景與2016年臺灣選舉學術研討會, 香港珠海學院亞洲研究中心
  • 2014 ?“兩岸三地傳播法教科書的一些觀察”, 2014兩岸三地財經新聞及企業傳播教育發展研討會, 恒生管理學院傳播學院
  • 2013 ?“司法積極主義在臺灣的實踐”,《臺灣政治發展之檢視與展望》學術研討會, 華東師範大學兩岸交流與區域發展研究所
  • 1999 ?“隱私權與新聞自由”, 第三屆大學生學術研討會, 世新大學(Co-author)

..........Book Chapter..........

  • 2017? “香港特區網絡與新媒體倫理與法規概述”,《網絡與新媒體倫理與法規》, 黃瑚(主編)。上海:復旦大學出版社。(Co-author, 出版中)

..........Journal Articles..........

  • 2014 “Judicial Activism in Taiwan”, Vol 69, Asian studies , Centre for Asian Studies, Chu Hai College of Higher Education
  • 2010 “從美國法案例看我國法對縱向限制競爭行為的規制”, 《經濟法研究》, 7,?北京大學出版社.
  • 2009 “Vertical Restraints of Competition in China-from the Perspective of US Antitrust Cases”, Vol.59, Asian Studies, Centre for Asian Studies, Chu Hai College of Higher Education.
  • 2005 “U.S. Anti-Dumping System: The Impact and Corresponding Strategies to China’s Products”, Vol. 17, The Journal of Social Policy, the Korean Social Policy Institute.
TopProfessional Memberships
  • Associate Member, American Bar Association (Non U.S. Attorney Status). Member, China Economic Law Studies Association
TopResearch Interests
  • Competition Law, Media Law, Economic and Social Development in China.