Dr. WU Jing, Clio 吳靜博士
Dr WU Jing, Clio (吳靜博士)
BA (Jinan University)
MA (Jinan University)
PhD (Fudan University)

Assistant Professor
School of Communication

Tel : (852) 3963 5439

Dr Wu?obtained her PhD in Journalism from Fudan University, Shanghai, P.R.C. She possesses teaching experience in universities in Mainland China and Hong Kong. Prior to joining HSU, Dr Wu was an associate professor at the South China Normal University (SCNU), Guangzhou, P.R.C. Her research interests include media history and society, communication ethics, digital media and gender, and journalism education.

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TopSelected Publications


  • 吳靜、胡欣立(2018)。第11章<香港、澳門地區網路傳播法規與倫理概述>。載於黃瑚(主編),《網絡傳播法規與倫理教程》(頁252-280)。上海:復旦大學出版社。
  • 宋昭勛、吳靜、趙應春(2017)。《財經領跑人:香港財經新聞記者訪談錄》。香港:中華書局。
  • 吳靜(2013)。《〈學燈〉與五四新文化運動》。北京:中國書籍出版社。
  • 吳靜(2007)。〈新媒體研究〉。童兵(主編),《中國新聞傳播學研究最新報告(2007)》。上海:復旦大學出版社。
  • 吳靜(2007)。〈2006年上海市報業發展綜述〉。宋建武(主編),《2006中國報業年鑒》。北京:中華工商聯出版社。
  • 翻譯《媒介經濟學》第九章(2006)。(支庭榮、吳非主譯)(Colin Hoskins.?Media Economics: Applying Economics to New and Traditional Media. Sage Publications, Inc),廣州:暨南大學出版社。

Journal Papers and Articles

  • 宋昭勛、吳靜(2018)。〈香港網絡財經新聞運作方式與傳播特點〉。載《亞洲研究》2018年6月,第74期。
  • 吳靜(2014)。〈《學燈》對新文化運動公共論壇的構建〉。《編輯之友》,2014年第5期,頁110-112(CSSCI)
  • 吳靜,黃瑚(2012)。《革命時代的“建設”話語:上海革命派報紙經濟報導分析》,載《新聞大學》2012年第2期(CSSCI)
  • 吳靜(2012)。《〈學燈〉編輯群在五四新詩傳播中的貢獻與意義》,載《出版發行研究》2012年第3期(CSSCI)
  • 吳靜(2011)。《半世報緣 一心啟蒙:張東蓀的報刊活動與編輯思想》,載《編輯之友》2011年第4期(CSSCI)
  • 吳靜(2010)。《新文化運動在江南的傳承:〈學燈〉社會關係網分析》,載《國際新聞界》2010年第9期(CSSCI)
  • 吳靜(2008)。《中國新聞評論30年:輿論功能的特徵與嬗變》,載《新聞實踐》2008年第11期
  • 吳靜(2008)。《新媒體時代報業數位化發展戰略探析》,載《中國報業》2008年第10期
  • 吳靜(2007)。《香港第一財經報人林行止》,載《新聞愛好者》2007年第7期
  • 吳靜(2006)。《珠三角電視媒介生態變動對地方新聞類節目的啟示》,載《嶺南視聽研究》2006年第1期
  • 吳靜(2005)。《區域媒體在重大新聞報導中的競爭與創新》,載《新聞知識》2005年第12期
  • 吳靜(2005)。《從〈獨立評論〉看胡適的大眾傳播觀》,載《新聞愛好者》2005年第11期
  • 吳靜, 劉正剛(2003)。《乾隆年間廣東糧道貪贓案》,載《廣東史志》2003年第3期

Conference Presentations:

  • Paul S.N. LEE, Keith CHENG, & WU J. (2021, Feb. 8). What Messages are Likely to be Shared? A Study on the Dissemination of Unverified Information in Social Media. The International Conference on Misinformation and Fake News, Hong Kong.
  • Wu, J., & Song, Z. X. (2020, July 12–17). A Promoting Tool for Gender Equality in China? A Mixed-methods Study on the Gender Representation on Douyin [Online paper presentation]. Conference of the International Association of Media and Communication Research 2020, Tampere, Finland.
  • Wu, J. (2019, Jun 28-29). Self-presentation in Douyin: A Gender Analysis of How Teenagers Portray Themselves in China. The National Communication Association (NCA) 2019 Shenzhen Forum, Shenzhen, P.R.China.
  • Song Z.X., Wu J. & Chiu Y.C. (2017, Jun.). ?Business Journalism Eduction in the Internet Age: A Case Study. “HKAECT-AECT 2017 Summer International Research Symposium”, Hong Kong University, Hong Kong
  • Hu H.L, Wu J. (2016, Nov.) PRC National Security Law Coverage in Hong Kong and Taiwan Media and its Legal Analysis. “2016 Academic Forum on Communication and Cross-Strait Relationship”, 4-5, Nov., 2016. Fudan University, Shanghai, PRC
  • Wu J. (2016, Aug 21-26) A Framing Analysis on Printed Media in Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong. “2016 Chinese Young Elites Forum”,? Taipei, Taiwan
  • Song Z.X., Wu J. & Chiu Y.C. (2016, Apr.). The Structure of Knowledge That Business Journalists Should Possess: The Practitioner's Perspective. “The Asian Conference on Education & International Development”, IAFOR ,Kobe, Japan
  • Song Z.X., Wu J. & Chiu Y.C. (2015, Dec.). Business Journalism Education in the Age of Internet: A Case Study of the BA in Journalism and Communication at Hong Kong Hang Seng Management College. “2015 China Communication Forum”, Sichuan International Studies University, Chongqing, PRC
  • Song Z.X., Wu J. & Chiu Y.C. (2015, Dec.) The history and Education Module of Business Journalism in Hong Kong. “Journalism and Communication Education Forum”, Zhongshan University, Guangzhou, PRC
  • Wu J., Hu H.L. (2015, Nov.) A Framing Analysis: The Fong-Dong Case Coverage of Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong Printed Media. “2015 Academic Forum on Communication and Cross-Strict Relationship”. Fudan University, Shanghai, PRC
  • Wu J. (2013, May) A Research on Newspaper Supplement in Shanghai: Construction of Public Forum in the New Culture Movement, “Sino-US Bilateral Conference on Journalism and Communication: Communication History Research in the Age of Globalization”,?Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, PRC
TopResearch Interests
Media history and society, communication ethics, digital media and gender, journalism education
TopResearch Grants
  • PI (2012-2017): Humanities and Social Science Fund Projects of the Ministry of Education, PRC.: “Discourses, Power and Capital: A Research on the Newspaper Supplements in Shanghai: from 1918 to 1923” (Project Reference No.: 12YJC860041)
  • Co-I (2020-): Hong Kong Research Grants Council 2020/21 Competitive Research Funding Schemes (RGC-FDS), Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region: Acculturative Stress, Coping Strategies, and Social Support: A Cross-cultural Comparative Study of “Hong Kong Drifters” and “Northward Drifters” in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. (Project Reference No.: UGC/FDS14/H09/20)
  • Co-I (2020): Public Policy Research Funding Scheme, HKSAR (PPR-Special Round): “The Political Polarization and Relationship Dissolution on Social Media: An Evidence-based Study on Political Unfriending Among Hong Kong Students During the Anti-Extradition Bill Movement” (Project Reference No.: SR2020.B12.003)
  • Co-I (2014): Hong Kong Research Grants Council 2014/15 Competitive Research Funding Schemes (RGC-FDS), Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region: “From the Newsroom to the Classroom: Bridging the Gap between Business Journalism Practice and Education in Hong Kong.” (Project Reference No.: UGC/FDS14/H11/14)
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  • Global Media and China (SAGE Journals)