Mr NG Chi Keung (吳志強先生)
Master of Art in Design Practice (Northumbria University)

Part-time Lecturer
School of Communication

Mr Ng started his career as a photojournalist in 1991. He entered TV media in 1993-1999 and was appointed as the chief designer in the first 24-hour live news channel of Cable News, leading a graphics team and supported many remarkable news broadcast events in Hong Kong. In order to explore the evolution of media on the internet, he pursued a master’s degree in 2000 and further expanded his area of expertise from production to education in animation. He managed a few award-winning computer animation programs in different institutes and schools in between 2001 to 2007 and was invited by Zhongnan Animation (Hangzhou) to be a project consultant to develop a 3D animation TV series in China in 2005. Moreover, he was involved in real time graphics support in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. After that, he took the chance to focus his career development in China. In 2017, he successfully launched the first program in Beijing with Studio School from the US (formerly known as Relativity School) and a Hebei property developer. At the same time, he continued taking on projects in new media and cinematic project development, investment and distribution in Beijing. In addition, he was appointed by Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualification as a Sector and Subject Specialist since 2006 until now.