Dr LIU Kin Yat, Kent (廖健壹博士)
PhD (PolyU)
MPhil (PolyU)
MStat (HKU)

Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Insurance

Tel : (852) 3963 5245

Dr Liu?earned his bachelor’s degree from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and doctorate degree from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. His research mainly lies in the area of survival analysis, econometrics, and computational statistics.

Research InterestsPublications
TopResearch Interests
  • Machine Learning
  • Longitudinal Data Analysis
  • Survival Analysis
  • Functional data analysis

..........Journal Articles..........

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  2. Deng, S.,?Liu, K.Y., and Zhao, X., (2017) “Semiparametric regression analysis of multivariate longitudinal data with informative observation times”. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, 107, 120–130
  3. Liu, K.Y., Zhao, X., (2015) “Robust estimation for longitudinal data with informative observation time”. Canadian Journal of Statistics, 43, 519–533,
  4. Balakrishnan, N., Su, F. and?Liu, K.Y., (2015) “Exact likelihood inference for k exponential populations under joint progressive type-II censoring”. Communications in Statistics – Simulation and Computation, 44, 902–923.