Dr LAM Hoi Yan, Cathy (藍凱欣博士)
BSc (PolyU)
PhD (PolyU)

Department of Supply Chain and Information Management

Tel : (852) 39635639

Dr LAM Hoi Yan, Cathy received her BSc (Hons) Logistics Engineering and Management and PhD in Logistics Engineering from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. After graduation, she worked as a research associate in the same department, and she was a visiting lecturer for The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Hang Seng University of Hong Kong.

During the years of research, over 60 international journals and conference papers were published in the areas of supply chain and logistics management, data management in supply chain, green and sustainable transportation, e-commerce logistics, as well as artificial intelligence. Some of them were published in well-known journals such as “IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology”, “International Journal of Production Economics”, “International Journal of Production Research”, “Applied Soft Computing”, “Expert Systems with Application”, “Internet Research” and “Industrial Management and Data Systems”. She received the Outstanding Paper Award of Emerald Literati Network Awards for the paper “An intelligent case-based knowledge management system for quality improvement in nursing homes” in 2019.

Dr Lam has teaching experiences in the subjects of global operations and logistics management, logistics information systems, simulation of logistics systems, logistics information management, product identification technologies, and, data mining.

Research interestsSelected Publications
TopResearch interests
  • Supply chain and logistics management
  • Data decentralization in supply chain
  • E-commerce logistics
  • Artificial intelligence
TopSelected Publications
  • Leung, K. H., Luk, C. C., Choy, K. L., Lam, H. Y., & Lee, C. K.M. (2019). A B2B flexible pricing decision support system for managing the request for quotation process under e-commerce business environment. International Journal of Production Research, Published Online in January 2019, DOI: 10.1080/00207543.2019.1566674
  • Wu, H., Pang, Grantham K.H., Choy, K.L., & Lam, H.Y. (2018), An optimization model for electric vehicle battery charging at a battery swapping station, IEEE Transaction on Vehicular Technology, Vol. 67(2), pp. 881-895.
  • Wu, H., Pang, Grantham K.H., Choy, K.L., & Lam, H.Y. (2018), Dynamic resource allocation for parking lot electric vehicle recharging using heuristic fuzzy particle swarm optimization algorithm, Applied Soft Computing, Vol. 71, pp. 538-552
  • Tsang, Y.P., Choy, K.L., Wu, C.H., Ho, G.T.S., Lam, H.Y., & Koo, P.S. (2018), An intelligent model for assuring food quality in managing a multi-temperature food distribution centre, Food Control, Vol. 90, pp. 81-97
  • Lee, C.K.H., Choy, K.L., Ho, G.T.S. & Lam, C.H.Y. (2016), A slippery genetic algorithm-based process mining system for achieving better quality assurance in the garment industry, Expert Systems with Applications, Vol. 46, pp. 236-248.
  • Wu, C.H., Ho, G.T.S., Lam, C.H.Y., Ip, W.H., Choy, K.L. & Tse, Y.K. (2016), An online niche-market tour identification system for the travel and tourism industry, Internet Research, Vol. 26 (1), pp. 167-185.
  • Lam, H.Y., Choy, K.L., Ho, G.T.S., Cheng, Stephen W.Y. & Lee, C.K.M. (2015), A Knowledge-based Logistics Operations Planning System for mitigating risk in warehouse order fulfilment, International Journal of Production Economics, 170 Part C, pp. 763-779.
  • Lam, C.H.Y., Choy, K.L., Ho G.T.S. & Lee, C.K.M. (2014), An order picking operations system for managing the batching activities in a warehouse, International Journal of Systems Science, 45 (6), pp. 1283-1295.
  • Lam, H.Y., Choy, K.L., Ho, G.T.S., Kwong, C.K. & Lee, C.K.M. (2013), A Real-Time Risk Control and Monitoring System for Incident Handling in Wine Storage, Expert Systems with Applications, Vol. 40 (9), pp. 3665-3678.