Mr NG Yu Keung, Carl (吳宇強先生)

Part-time Lecturer
School of Communication

Carl Ng is the Co-founder of LeDo ADs, he drives the company’s vision, strategy and growth as it provides effective and unique ways for people to place advertisement, as well as releasing idle space value and turn them into brand new advertising spot. By Carl’s leadership, LeDo ADs started from 0 to 1 by leveraging new technology to new business model, standing at the forefront of the sharing economy, and has expanded to over 3000+ listings for being a strong player in media industry.

Carl always breaks the conventional thinking to create campaigns that transformed his clients’ businesses, which saw his work won most significant local and international awards including Hong Kong Awards for Industries - Innovation and Creativity Award (2018) and HKICT Award (2017).

Carl also serves Metro Finance FM104 since 2016 as a Guest Program Host. He love the scent of a news story, and in particular, the challenge of the broadcast interview when the subject is being innovative or Inspiring.

Carl graduated from Chinese University of Hong Kong with 10+ years of management consultant and senior executive experience in KPMG Management Consulting and ICE Data, a subsidiary of Intercontinental Exchange.

Working across industries and with KPMG and ICE Data, Carl serve organizations globally by leveraging data to drive business decisions, increase growth and efficiency, as well as cost reduction. Client range from banking and finance to telecommunication where Carl has been responsible for consulting clients with understanding their technology strategy and future plan.

NewsAwardRadio program Publication
  • Hong Kong Awards for Industries - Innovation and Creativity Award

    • HKSAR Government, HKGCC
      • Comments by the Judging Panel: The small group of young entrepreneurs of LeDo Media Technology Company Limited have successfully demonstrated their ability to put a smart business idea into practice. This is a local innovation which facilitates new economic activities by making use of idle spaces. The Company has created a new physical advertising model for precise selection of demographic and geographical market segments. With its services being viable and affordable for SME advertisers, LeDo has opened up a new unexploited market segment and posted significant impacts in the advertising industry
  • HKICT Award (Best Business Solution) Bronze:
    • HKSAR Government
  • HKICT Award (Best Business Solution) Best SME:
    • HKSAR Government
  • ShenZhen-HongKong-Macau-Taiwan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Third Prize)
    • ShenZhen Tsinghua University
  • HKIEF Roadshow Best 10 Startup:
    • Hong Kong International Entrepreneurs Forum
  • Young Entrepreneur Award
  • The Most Creative Award
    • Hong Kong Young Entrepreneur Association
  • CUHK Entrepreneur Day (Top 8 Startup):
    • Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • HKBU Entrepreneur Bootcamp (Best Startup):
    • Hong Kong Baptist University
  • HKTDC Entrepreneur Day Top Investment Value Award
    • Angel Investment Foundation
  • Youth Dare to Change Stand-up Pitch Champion
    • The Young Entrepreneurs Development Council
  • Challenge Cup Competition (Hong Kong) Second-Prize
    • HKNGCA Innovation & Entrepreneurship Centre
  • HSBC Youth Business Award 2017 Innovation Award - Top 5
    • HSBC
  • Organ Donation Promotion Charter Award
    • HKSAR Government
  • Workplace English Campaign Award
    • Standing Committee on Language Education and Research
  • Family-Friendly Employers Award
    • HKSAR Government
  • Partner Employment Award
    • Hong Kong General Chamber of Small and Medium Businesses
  • HSBC Living Business Award
    • HSBC
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