Professor CHEUNG Wai Man (張惠民教授)
MBA; PhD (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
BSc (National Taiwan)

Honorary Professor
Department of Supply Chain and Information Management

Academic Publications & Working PapersResearch Grants
TopAcademic Publications & Working Papers
  • Chen, Gang, Cheung, Waiman, Chu, Sung Chi, Xu, Liang, 2017, Transshipment hub selection from a shipper's and freight forwarder's perspective, Expert Systems With Applications, Vol.83, pp.396-404
  • Du, Timon Chih-ting, Lai, Vincent Siu-king, Cheung, Waiman, Cui, Xiling, 2012, Willingness to share information in a supply chain: A partnership-data-process perspective. Information & Management, vol. 49, p.89-98
  • Yeung, Jeff Hoi-yan, Cheung, Waiman, Fung, Michael Ka-yiu, Zhao, Xiande, Zhang, Min, 2010, The air cargo and express industry in Hong Kong: economic contribution and competitiveness. International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics, Vol.2, No.3, pp.321-345
  • Zhou, H., Cheung, Waiman, Leung, Lawrence C., 2009, Minimizing weighted tardiness of job-shop scheduling using a hybrid genetic algorithm. European Journal of Operational Research, vol. 194, pp. 637-649
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TopResearch Grants
Title Fund Period
RFID-based Interoperable Gateway for Logistics Service Platforms (RIG)
Innovation and Technology Support Programme, ITF, Innovation and Technology Commission 07/10/2008 to 01/31/2009
Air Cargo Market Positioning of Zhuhai Airport
Hong Kong Airport Authority 01/11/2007 to 03/15/2007
A Study in Advancing E-commerce Diffusion in Hong Kong Tradelink Electronic Commerce Limited 11/01/2006 to 03/31/2007
A Privacy and Security Framework for EPC Network Infrastructure EPC
GS1 Hong Kong 06/20/2005 to 06/19/2006
Supply Chain Hub Study in Hong Kong and Pearl River Delta (PRD) DHL International (HK) Limited 01/15/2004 to 10/31/2004
Air Cargo Logistics Integration and Consolidation on a 4th Party B2B Platform: Issues and Models Research Grants Council (Earmarked Grants) 10/01/2002 to 09/30/2005
Identification of Standards and Protocols for the DTTN Accenture Company Ltd. 05/01/2002 to 06/30/2003