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The Benefits of a Debt Settlement Program

When it comes to dealing with financial issues, selecting a debt settlement program isn't always a pleasant process. Plenty of individuals all over America are currently dealing with credit card debt and other financial difficulties. When your credit score is compromised, it can be difficult to complete simple tasks like applying for new lines of credit, getting approved for leases, and taking out loans.

Financial Solutions of America is among the top debt settlement companies for providing high-quality, personalized debt settlement programs with friendly and compassionate service to make the repayment process as easy as possible. Some of the advantages you can experience while consulting with our expert team include debt reduction, lower interest rates, bankruptcy avoidance, improved credit, and the assistance of certified negotiators.

Debt Reduction

Trying to resolve debt on your own might cause you more harm than good, as there are many tools and resources consumers typically don't know about. Financial Solutions of America knows all the minute details of debt settlement and has built relationships with creditors and debt collection companies. On your own, you could be struggling for years to pay the full amount of your debt, but with our negotiations, you're debt can be decreased by up to 40%.

Lower Interest Rates

Since banks and lenders want to get as much of their money back as they can, they're often willing to renegotiate the terms of a loan. One of these renegotiation strategies is called a workout arrangement, where a bank or lender agrees to waive late fees, dismiss over-limit charges, or lower interest rates and monthly payments to ensure consistent repayment.

Avoid Bankruptcy

Declaring bankruptcy has many negative consequences that affect your financial situation and personal life. Creditors may take you car, your house, and any assets they deem necessary. As your debt grows, you may even get sued. Creditors might even harass you or your family, and once you file for bankruptcy, your credit score drops and remains low for several years.

FSOA can control of these situations and prevent your debt from becoming so problematic that you feel the need to file for bankruptcy. We can also stop creditors from contacting you and protect your assets from seizure.

Improve Your Credit

Ignoring your creditors or filing for bankruptcy causes your credit score to drop dramatically, but when you try debt settlement, your credit score usually maintains its current status. Debt settlement also remains on your record for a shorter period of time, and as you make consistent payments to creditors, your score will slowly repair itself.

Certified Negotiators

Let our IAPDA-certified debt specialists help you resolve your debt issues, lower your interest rates, and repair your credit score. Few top debt settlement companies take the time to build relationships with actual lenders and creditors the way Financial Solutions of America does. We work directly with creditors to help our clients resolve debt issues and achieve financial freedom quickly.

The Solution for You

At Financial Solutions of America, we tailor our services to meet your specific needs. Our debt settlement programs are designed to work with your budgetary demands and goals, so that you can easily start fixing your credit profile. For years, we have helped individuals across the country save hundreds and thousands of dollars while improving their credit scores and relieving the insurmountable pressure of debt. Find a debt solution that fits your needs with Financial Solutions of America.

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