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About Us

Financial Solutions of America was founded because of the noticeable void in quality debt relief companies. We found that many companies were more interested in themselves than the clients in need of debt relief.

Our team is committed to integrity, so we don't make claims about being able to help every client who contacts us. We have had to turn away clients who do not meet our enrollment criteria, although it saddens us to do so. Beyond the types of debt we accept, there are several important measures our clients must meet and accept in order to enroll in the program and rid their debt in 24 months or less. We do not accept debts under $1000 dollars, and we cannot support monthly payments under $500.

Our Goals for You

Our goals are:

  • to get all of our clients out of debt as soon as possible,
  • to minimize the amount of damage done to their credit score, and
  • to give them peace of mind.

Our Background

The founders of Financial Solutions of America have real-world experience. They come from the banking industry and have a deep understanding of the laws related to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Much of our team has worked on the creditor side of debt settlement, which grants us privileged insight into how banks work and why they're willing to negotiate debt.

Our team is familiar with the lack of empathy most big-name financial firms have towards clients' personal well-being. Having witnessed other firms compromise their clients' financial situations in favor for a larger commission, we uphold key guiding principles that benefit the client.

Our company's compensation structure, coupled with the new laws enacted in 2010 by the FTC, means that Financial Solutions of America doesn't profit until our clients receive a benefit first. Our high standards ensure that we never touch our clients' funds until we settle with their creditors. At Financial Solutions of America, we not only strive to settle at the lowest amount possible, we dedicate extensive attention and care to each of our clients.

Co-founders and Staff

Co-founder Anthony Perez is a graduate of Pace University and comes from a single-parent home. He worked full-time while being a full-time student. He navigated his way up the corporate ladder, but never forgot his roots. Today he mentors inner city kids, giving them real-world examples of what's possible to accomplish. Outside of Financial Solutions of America, Anthony invests in technology companies in the US and abroad. He has been able to create technology-based companies in the city of Medellin, Colombia, his wife's hometown. He spends a lot of his time in New York, Miami, Medellin, and Aruba. His passions are cooking, traveling, and his kids, Jacob and Juliana.

Customer Care Manager Jimmy Mendez came to New York City from Medellin, Colombia. His family left Medellin, then plagued with violence, to give him and his sister a better life. In New York Jimmy learned English and put himself through college by bartending. His sister is a registered nurse at a prestigious local hospital, and they feel they have fulfilled their parents' hopes of accomplishing the American Dream. Jimmy is an inspiration to many young men and women with that same dream. When not at work, he enjoys spending time with his wife (who is also a registered nurse), playing soccer, playing PlayStation 4, and sport fishing.

Senior enrollment manager Andrew Jones was raised in Naples, Florida. From an early age he knew he wanted to help people. After earning a degree in Biology, he decided against going to medical school and instead enrolled in trade school, where he specialized in adventure tourism. From tourism, Andrew went into hotel management and restaurant management and even spent some time as an arts teacher. Today he enjoys sharing his vast wealth of real world knowledge with clients. In his spare time he plays poker and has won many tournaments.

Senior enrollment manager Sharon Forbes Norris is a single mother of 4. She was able to put herself through college by working at Financial Solutions of America. She will soon have a daughter in college, with three more to follow in her footsteps. Clients in this same situation gravitate towards her. She is one of the most caring people you will ever find, and today she guides our new enrollment counselors during phone calls. Sharon is a true leader who is always willing to help and share her personal story of hardship, perseverance, and triumph.

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